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Empowering Women through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Each time martial arts for women is brought up in conversations, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu always seems to be the most recommended. So what is it about BJJ that gives it such a special place?

Technique Rules!

BJJ gives women with the ability to defend themselves against aggressors by relying on technique instead of strength. Martial arts teaches them the best body mechanics to engage in to escape precarious situations instead of simply trying to out-power the attacker. 

Choke, Not Strike

While not impossible, it is improbable that a smaller woman will knock out a bigger male attacker with a strike. With BJJ, a woman can rely on a chokehold instead to contain the threat. A solid choke always works, regardless of how big or tough the opponent is. A woman can keep the chokehold until help arrives or the aggressor has calmed down or even fallen asleep. 


People usually have a hard time escaping or protecting themselves in a fight simply because they panic and hence lose focus. By regularly training in Jiu-Jitsu, women get used to challenging and uncomfortable positions that slowly but surely prepare them for real-life threatening situations. Grappling and battling on the ground becomes so natural that they become more likely to stay calm and in control when dealing with an untrained thug.


With the countless benefits and avenues for self-enrichment that BJJ training provides, it’s unsurprising for women to be more confident after training for a while. And if they’re training with champions, they simply trust their self-defense abilities more when the need occurs. All in all, this gives their self-esteem a boost as the physical and mental advantages of BJJ training begin to be felt in their day to day lives, such as feeling less vulnerable when walking alone in the streets at night or having the courage to stand up to an abusive partner.  


When faced with a threat in the real world, escape is always the better option to a physical fight. BJJ focuses mainly on escape and defense tactics instead of actually confronting the enemy to win. This is great in the world of sports, but in reality, no approach to a dangerous situation is more intelligent and effective than escape. 

These are just a few of the benefits that await women training in BJJ. There are more that may unfold with each training day, such as gaining a new friend, nurturing a beautiful relationship with a community of practitioners, and of course, physical fitness.


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